Anonymous: What would you say are the bad things about Gackt? Just curious to know your opinion.

- I don’t like how often he answered questions about his penis on twitter. It doesn’t really bother me when he says sexual things at concerts or whatever, but when he answers questions on twitter, it fuels the fire. It’s more direct, & allows other people to start asking about it to, which means it WON’T STOP. It was funny ten years ago, can we not anymore (plus on twitter, you have no idea how old someone may be, so yeah, he could be responding to some 14 year old who thinks asking dick questions is funny).

- Like I said in the other message, sometimes I don’t think he thinks before he speaks. I hate to bring up the whole scandal thing again, but when the assault charges came out, as relieved as I was to hear that he was, in fact, alright, I don’t think he responded to it properly when it was something so serious. I do think that he was trying to calm his fans down by laughing it off, but I don’t think it made him look very good to people hearing about the story that don’t understand Gackt like his fans do.

Kinda similar to the last 2 messages I got, but I think that’s what bothers me most about him. He has said things that had made my eyeballs roll into the back of my head. Love him to death, but jeez.


Anonymous: I noticed you said Gackt is a asshole. How so my I ask.

I mean that more with love tbh (speaking for myself). But I do think he kinda doesn’t think before he speaks when it comes to some things (like when he may be involved in scandals or some things he says about women). Though, the whole women issue is a whole other topic in itself (that personally doesn’t bother me), I think the way he comes off sometimes is kind of thoughtless— which I think is kind of asshole-ish. It doesn’t mean I love him any less, but I think he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about at times.


Anonymous: Why are people so fascinated by the magnum? /:

I haven’t been here for a while, so I haven’t seen these few asks. My bad.

It’s because Gackt is so fascinated by it lol. Been a while since he’s spoken so highly of it (thank god). It gets a bit much sometimes, I know, but I think fans run with it because he himself doesn’t shut up about it sometimes. Though, honestly, even when he doesn’t bring it up, fans keep asking him questions about it. It functions like any other penis. Calm down people.


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I found this message super cute awww c: I’m sorryyyy, I’m a lameass sometimes x3 If I’m not being lazy, I’m busy with something. But! Gackt is doing a lot of things & the fandom is as nuts as ever, so I should be able to come up with some posts soon! 

P.S. I’m sorry I can’t help you with your typing, though. Professor’s typing is probably even worse than yours xD

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I forgot Shinya’s birthday. I forgot Takumi’s birthday. I forgot Jun-ji’s birthday. & I forgot U:ZO’s birthday.

Huge fail for professor boobies. I’m sorry, really long happy belated birthdays.

I need a real kick in the butt & get back to this blog. Gotta make some new lessons, a lot has been going on with Gackt & the fandom. Sorry again!


Anonymous: Could you make a post about what's Camui Gakuen? If you haven't already.

Wahh I’m sorry I haven’t been on this blog in a bit & didn’t see this message. Sure I can! I don’t know if you mean an explanation of what it is or a lesson, but I’ll come up with something soon :)


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Happy Birthday Chachamaru! ♥



Happy Birthday YOU! ♥