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I forgot Shinya’s birthday. I forgot Takumi’s birthday. I forgot Jun-ji’s birthday. & I forgot U:ZO’s birthday.

Huge fail for professor boobies. I’m sorry, really long happy belated birthdays.

I need a real kick in the butt & get back to this blog. Gotta make some new lessons, a lot has been going on with Gackt & the fandom. Sorry again!

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Hello followers, it’s been a while since I wrote a post about this whole blog itself and since my last I’ve gained a lot of followers, and because yesterday’s lesson got a little messier than I thought it would, I’d just like to makes some points about this blog itself.


  • The blog was intentionally supposed to be a rant blog about the Gackt fandom, but obviously since then, has turned into much more than that— there’s humor, memes, games, etc. It’s about both the good and bad about both Gackt and the fandom itself. Let’s face it, the fandom.. complains about a lot of things. This is the place to let that steam out.
  • The lessons I make are of things Gackt or fans have said or done. I don’t make this crap up. Either I see it myself, or other fans suggest to me what would be a good lesson to make.
  • Feel free to submit suggestions! I’m very much willing to write lessons on suggestions, or if someone wants a certain kind of game or meme made, let me know. This blog isn’t just for me, it’s for the fandom.


  • Taking this right from my FAQ which I’ve had up for months: “Can I share my opinion about Gackt and/or the members? Please feel free to do soKeep in mind, other followers may agree or disagree with your opinion.” So yes, if you disagree with something I say, I may still not agree with you, but you’re entitled to your opinion to disagree. Not everyone is going to agree with things Gackt says either. You are entitled to your opinion. However, opinion is not fact. So what you feel is not wrong, but may not be right either— because it’s an opinion. Sorry if you have a problem with that.
  • No one is a bigger, better, more special fan. This blog isn’t intended for that, even if I DO think what some of the fans say are stupid and annoying, that doesn’t mean I think I’m better than them, or that any fan that agrees with me is a better fan. I don’t know every little thing about Gackt, and for people who think they do know everything, they aren’t a bigger or better fan than I or anyone else.
  • This blog isn’t going to please everyone, I know that. A comment I or any other follower or reblogger makes will not please everyone especially in this fandom, please consider that.
  • Gackt is not perfect. He’s a human being with many flaws, just like anyone of us here.


  • I’m naturally a sarcastic asshole.
  • I curse a lot. Probably more than Gackt.
  • My grammar sucks sometimes. I don’t mean it, I just don’t realize I type the wrong word before I post sometimes.
  • I like to complain about people complaining, which is pretty obvious and not productive at all.
  • I love Gackt, but I don’t agree with everything he says or does. He’s an asshole too. We’re so alike ide. I also like making fun of him, that’s pretty fun.
  • I think Gackt got the best tits around. They’re great.

Well, I think I covered everything hopefully. Anyway, if anyone has any questions about any points I made about this blog, or any suggestions to anything I put on this blog, please feel free to send me a message either here or on my personal blog. Thanks for reading and following!

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Thank you, everyone~!

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Please excuse your professor’s shitty grammar with that post.

I’m good at Gackt, my grammar, on the other hand, is shit sometimes.


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While this isn’t Gackt related, I’d like to address a issue I feel is really important.

It is never, ever okay to send hate messages to another person, especially cowardly hiding behind anonymous. Even if you highly disagree with someone’s opinion on something, attacking the person is never okay, and truly disgusting, cowardly, and plain pathetic.

Words hurt. I’m sure everyone experienced at least once in their life the power of hurtful words. If you don’t want to be treated that way, don’t treat others that way. People have hurt and killed themselves over hurtful words. If you’re one of the people that do this, especially anonymously, you are the one responsible for it. Keep this in mind when you decide to act all big balled behind a grey face.

Back to fandom, I am truly disgusted at some of the things I have been seen being said anonymously to people because of different opinions with fandom. If you’re reading this, you should be ashamed of yourself. This is just fandom, okay? There is no need to attack people for who they are with intended malice.

And because this is a Gackt blog, I would like to say that I think Gackt would really be disgusted with how the fans are acting like a bunch of idiots being so pathetically hurtful.

Just think about this before you make yourself out to be an asshole.

- KiA

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When I lose students from this blog, I assume it’s because they have done some of the things I call the fandom out for doing & it pisses them off.

& that thought kind of amuses me. It’s not my fault the fandom says ridiculous things (

Keep staying delicious~

Or they just don’t like the preaching?ôÔ


I’m more like making fun of the ridiculousness that comes out of the fandom. There is some really, really stupid shit that comes out of it. I just bring it to light with my sarcasm 

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When I lose students from this blog, I assume it’s because they have done some of the things I call the fandom out for doing & it pisses them off.

& that thought kind of amuses me. It’s not my fault the fandom says ridiculous things (

Keep staying delicious~

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Everyone, thank you for following! 

I hope you’re all amused, learning, & having fun with the fandom.

- Professor Boobiecakes KiA

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You students are really enjoying the Gacktology Game, hm?

I’m going to make another one for you guys.

As usual, ask box is always open, so if you have any suggestions with anything I post (lessons, memes, games, any other crazy thing), don’t hesitate to let me know.

- Professor Gacktboobies KiA

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That moment when Professor sees some comments that possibly are taking GackTROLLogy seriously.